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Information Sharing
Building Better Futures for Hampshire Children
Information Sharing: What is it all about?

Information for young people and their families

Lots of different adults work with children and young people, for example teachers, health visitors and social workers. They need to work together, but sometimes don’t even know who else is involved. This can cause problems.

The Information Sharing project wants to make it easier for everyone to work together so that you get a better deal and get the best chance in life. We are trying out some new ideas which should help.

We want to give you all the help we can, when you need it.

We are working with everyone who may be important to your life to get you help when you need it.

Information about you is protected by law and has to be treated carefully.

We are making sure that everyone working with you is clear about what the rules are and that you understand them too.

We want those working with you and your family to help you find out about services and opportunities in your area.

We are developing a website which will give people lots of information about what is available and we will let you know when it has been set up. South Central Connexions has a website with information on services for young people. This which can be accessed at and keep an eye on

People working with you may not know who else is involved.

Eventually we will be setting up a Service Index on a very secure website. It will have your name and address and the name and address of everyone working with you, including your school and doctor and anyone else who is giving you a bit of extra help.The Service Index will NOT hold any personal stuff at all: like how you are doing at school. The Service Index is there when people need to talk to each other. Only people with a very good reason will be able to use the Index. We will make sure of that.

So, Information Sharing is about everyone who works with you working together better?

If you have any concerns or thoughts about this, please talk about them with your parent, carer or someone you trust, or contact
Sue Smith, Senior Project Co-ordinator
(Information Sharing)
Trafalgar House, Winchester, SO23 8UQ

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