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Youth Inclusion & Support Panels / YISP

Young Ones on the Up and Up with YISP
Hampshire Children’s fund is investing £500,000 over the next year to divert children aged 5-13 years from offending and anti-social behavour. The new Youth Inclusion Support Panels which will be known as YISP’s, and are being set up in 3 pilots areas across Hampshire.

Liz Johnstone the new Manager for the Hampshire’s YISP explains:

“YISP is fully funded by Hampshire Children's Fund, and will be working with children aged 5 -13 yrs who are referred to them from the three pilot areas:

The New Forest

The project will be working with young people who are involved in anti-social behaviour or the early stages of offending. Two case-workers in each pilot area will work with the young person and their family to put together an action plan to help them address issues and concerns. This plan will be agreed by a ‘YISP’ multi agency panel who will work together to support these young people and their families”.

The case-workers will help the family implement the action plan and support the young person in identifying personal needs and solutions. This work will be targeted and short term. There are clearly set out referral criteria and the ‘YISP’ would expect to receive referrals from a variety of agencies including Police, Social Services, Schools,& Anti-social Behaviour Co-ordinators.

Many of these agencies will already be working with children at a local level, and it is anticipated that this will be an effective way of sharing information and resources to help young people with ‘risky behaviour’ access support fast!

So ‘YISPs’ Youth Inclusion and Support Panels are:

Multi-agency committees organised to prevent offending and anti-social behaviour of young people “at risk”
A support scheme aimed at encouraging the participation of young people in shaping their own services
Integrated early intervention packages to prevent young people getting involved in offending behaviour and/or crime

Research strongly suggests that by integrating services, more can be done to help prevent young people getting involved in crime and/or offending behaviour.It will be far more cost effective to put youngsters back on the right path at this stage, and will prevent the damage and upset that would otherwise be caused in their neighbourhoods

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